Important issues in this campaign


Having a daughter in elementary school and being an adjunct professor myself, I strongly support both the K-12 public education system and post-secondary education in our state.  Providing a quality education for our children is critical to  for the future of Wyoming.  Our K-12 system establishes the foundation for life long learning.  Both the University of Wyoming and our states community colleges are critical economic drivers in developing our state's workforce.  If we want to keep our children and talent in the state, we have to provide people a quality higher education opportunity right here.   

I have been endorsed as a candidate by the the Wyoming Education Association. 

Public Lands

As an avid sportsman, I regularly access and use our public lands. I will work to ensure we don't lose access to current lands and to help gain access to lands that are currently unaccessible to the general public.  I oppose the transfer of federal lands to state control.  There has not been a single credible study that has shown how the state can afford to manage those lands if they were to be transferred to the state.     

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Mental Health

Every year, unfortunately, Wyoming has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation; this is a crisis we have to get under control.   As a rural state, we struggle to provide adequate access to quality mental health services for our residents.  We need to ensure that mental health services are as readily available as physical health services.  Additionally, we need need to work to  reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues to help increase help seeking behavior.  

We also need to look at ways to  improve access to  treatment resources for those suffering from substance abuse and addiction issues.  When help seeking individuals reach our for help we cant simply put them on a waiting list for months.  

The 2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and believe that the fundamental purpose of the 2nd amendment is to ensure the protection of our other rights.  As an instructor in concealed carry courses, I know the right to self protection is inalienable.  

School Safety

Wyoming is not exempt from violence, and we must protect our children while they are attending school.  We need to help local districts implement a multi-option response protocol to armed intruders.  Individual teachers and staff need to be empowered to carry out a variety of options to protect their students.  This needs to include options like, locking down and hardening their location, evacuating the premises, and as a last resort counter the attack of the intruder.   

Additionally, I would like to see a safety code enacted.  Much like a fire code this would establish a set of non-negotiable requirements to ensure that best practices in safety are being implemented.  

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Having  worked with the Campbell County Prevention Coalition for several years, I have seen the positive benefits of evidence based practices. This work decreases the individual and societal harms associated with  substance abuse.  I support prevention practices that reduce the social burden of things like, underage drinking, adult binge drinking, impaired driving, drug misuse and abuse and youth access to smoking and vape devices.  

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